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Sinbad Submarine

Go to the depths, discover Captain Cousteau's realm! Great program for young and old alike. Because you have to see the unique life of the Red Sea. Arriving at the harbor, we visit the Maritime Museum and then sail out to the naval base, where we transfer to the submarine, which sinks 20-22 meters deep and can admire the breathtaking underwater world.






Not included:

-food (food, drink)

photos, videos


environmental tax

Our suggestion:

Appropriate clothing, given the high heat, should ensure adequate fluid intake. Because of the sun, we recommend that you use sunscreen, headgear, sunglasses and, of course, don't forget your camera at the hotel! A sweater is required in winter.


Departure days: any day, advance registration required! The program is without Hungarian leadership! Morning program, which together with transfer is approx. 4 hours.

Age limit for children: 3-11.99

Extra transfer costs from areas outside Hurghada!

Write to us:


We reserve the right to change the program!

Liliom Safari wishes you a meaningful and pleasant holiday!

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