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Oasis safari, adventure tour in the desert, with jeeps, qudding, camel riding, BBQ

Oasis safari, adventure tour in the desert, with jeeps, quidding, camel riding, BBQ


I rotate a glass ball in my hand, with stones in it, and silky, soft sand.

It evokes a memory and a scorching sun, the mysterious, beautiful desert.

Until I saw it, I always thought the desert was barren and barren.

And now, I just marvel and stare, How can it be so beautiful and monotonous.

Hot sand crumbling beneath my feet, a million crystals shining in its red.

Inside are the thousands of towering mountains that were once scattered by the gods.

You wouldn't even think what a variable. How busy and exciting.

As soon as the wind picks it up like a veil, And somewhere else, it hits the ground like a mountain.

Although the eye cannot see, there is life in it, You do not notice, but they watch you.

Snakes, foxes, scorpions, birds. They live at night when the sun is no longer on fire.

I look, and my imagination evokes a sea, Because it is also undulating and infinite.

Although the Sun is still at its zenith, It is Seven o'clock, everything is quiet.

Just a moment, and it's dusk. Then the sun will fall from the sky.

Behind the dunes, golden lights, The sky is dark, only the stars are burning.

Let’s face it, the desert is tempting for many of us, if it is accompanied by a program like this one that is one of the most popular among guests as it includes most desert extreme adventures, it is impossible to say no to that!

Program content

Transfer from the hotel and back; Hungarian guided tours from 8 people, a 15-minute buggy ride, a desert sand runner, then a 20-minute quad biking, followed by a light lunch.

Then we set off with our jeeps to visit the Bedouin village, drinking real Bedouin tea is a refreshing experience for us, then we try the desert boat, the camel, we can see the desert snakes and scorpions in the small terrarium built to seduce the guests; we can see how Bedouin people bake their breads and listen to how they live their daily lives. Wonderful panoramic view of Hurghada and the "descending" day, which inspired many photographers, and then we return to the base with our jeeps. The evening ends with a BBQ Grill dinner (mineral water and soft drinks), a small hookah (Shisha) and a show.

Not included

Bedouin scarf, glasses, photo / DVD on sale, tips

Departure from the hotel

at noon

Arrival at the hotel

in the evening hours

Our suggestion

Wherever we head, a bottle full of water is an essential accessory for the trip!

Clothing, scarves, comfortable closed shoes appropriate for the place and period, we recommend it because of the sun, use sunscreen, headgear, sunglasses and of course don't forget your camera in the hotel, it is advisable to put them in a small backpack!



Age limit for children: 4-11.99 Program days: Ask for our optional price list, which is included

Extra transfer costs from areas outside Hurghada!

Write to us:

We reserve the right to change the program!

Liliom Safari wishes you a meaningful and pleasant holiday!

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