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By plane to Cairo with Standard or VIP program as desired

Cairo is a vibrant, refreshing, mystical and hospitable city. It is home to the most beautiful pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic attractions.

Cairo, where the past and the future meet. A city that never sleeps, that follows its own rhythm.

1-day basic program:

Check out with us one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world that has survived, the famous pyramids of Giza. The Sphinx, the father of terror, the mysterious lion-bodied, human-headed, one of the largest and oldest statues on earth. Check out a carpet school or a perfume museum with us! Then we will have a nice lunch on the banks of the Nile.

And finally, the crown of the day is the Egyptian Museum, where we can view thousands of years old, breathtaking treasures. Dedicated to the heritage of the pharaohs, more than 150,000 antiques are on display, from finely crafted jewelery to towering colonies depicting kings.

In Vip program extra:

The basic program is a plus; After that, come with us to the majestic Citadel of Salah El-Din, or Saladin, one of the greatest monuments of the medieval wars! One of the most important sights of the citadel in Cairo, a typical early medieval fortress with huge, imposing gates, towers and high defensive walls, it is worth the effort to climb the stairs: a dazzling view from this height.

There are three mosques here, including the stunning Mohamed Ali Mosque.

Depending on the departure of the flight, it is possible to add an extra program, such as: • Khan El-Khalili Bazaar


Airline tickets; air conditioned; a bus transfer of the size of the group in Cairo, a Hungarian-speaking, highly experienced guide, entrance to the pyramids, the museum and lunch (without drinks) - vip program at the citadel

To be paid separately: drinks for meals, entrance to the Mummies Hall (180EGP) at the Egyptian Museum, entrance to the inside of the pyramid (400 EGP) 2. 3rd pyramid entrance (100EGP), photography, video fee.

Extra transfer costs from areas outside Hurghada!

Departure from the hotel around 04:00, plane departure at 05:35

Arrival depending on the flight

Child age range: 2 - 11.99

Our suggestion

Wherever we head, a bottle full of water is an essential accessory for the trip!

Appropriate clothing for the place, clothing recommended for ladies are a skirt under the knee, trousers and a shoulder top, a top with a neckline, a scarf, comfortable closed shoes, a sweater for the bus (air conditioning). Because of the sun, we recommend that you use sunscreen, headgear, sunglasses, and of course don't forget your camera at the hotel! Warmer clothing is recommended during the winter!

Departure days on any day on request!

Contact us. You can request a price list here:

We reserve the right to change the program! Lily Safari wishes you a meaningful and pleasant holiday! :)





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